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Having fun with text when change text templates joomla

Adding text to your image to make captions is already fun, of course. Choosing a font, warping the text, using masks and styles and other techniques to decorate the caption--all of it contributes to the enjoyment. One more thing you can do with text, however, is to use each letter (not just the dingbats) as an artistic element to be manipulated.

For example, you can use filters to distort the text into unusual shapes. You can also rotate the text into unexpected angles, or copy it to make patterns. The process below illustrates these possibilities.


Font: Hancock

Filter: Distort: Twirl


In fact, copying and rotating is a great way to make instant patterns and decorations. Plus, once you strike upon a design you like, you can save it either to the pattern menu or the brush tip menu, as shown below. No one will ever guess that it started out as plain text!