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photoshop trainning

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Adobe Photoshop Tips: how to work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 370
Selection Shading in Adobe Photoshop 666
Transformation of objects in Adobe Photoshop 352
Tutorial. Cropping An Image In Adobe Photoshop. 365
Perspective Distortion Correction in Photoshop 384
Retouching Tools in Adobe Photoshop 506
Painting Tools in Adobe Photoshop 382
Editing Tools In Adobe Photoshop 365
Filling Tools in Adobe Photoshop 421
Eyedropper Tool Tips. Photoshop Tutorial 344
Photoshop Tips: Working with Brushes 373
Tutorial. How to load new brushes in Adobe Photoshop. 398
Using Custom Shapes in Adobe Photoshop 514
Curves - color correction tool in Photoshop 522
Tutorial. Changing image size for printing in Adobe Photoshop. 410
How to change image resolution in Adobe Photoshop 503
Create a New Document Size Preset in Adobe Photoshop 818
Image Optimization for the Web in Adobe Photoshop 369
How to Install Plug-ins in Photoshop 495
Repeat Filter in Adobe Photoshop 434
History Palette in Adobe Photoshop 352
Fast Scanning in Adobe Photoshop 343
Save Workspace in Adobe Photoshop 383
Adobe Bridge Tips. 409
Adobe Bridge Tips: Editing Metadata of Photos 360
Tutorial. Using Save Workspace command of Adobe Bridge. 358
How to change image size for printing in Adobe Photoshop Elements 492
How to change image resolution in Adobe Photoshop Elements 472
How to Create a Portrait Painting Using AKVIS Watercolor 489
Tom Thumb: Increasing Photo Resolution with AKVIS Magnifier 379
Wild Beast of Prey: a Watercolor Image out of a Wolf Photo 476
Rain Effect in AKVIS NatureArt: Adding Raindrops To An Image 304
Sun Effect in AKVIS NatureArt: Adding Sun, Stars, Moon 392
Water Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 347
Lightning Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 637
Clouds Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 383
Frost Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 393
Rainbow Effect in AKVIS NatureArt - A Reflection of the Sun in Raindrops 394
Aurora Effect in AKVIS NatureArt - Polar Lights 398
Fire Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 407
Ice Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 504
Night Sky Effect in AKVIS NatureArt 615
Snow Effect - Adding Snow To Photos 456
Batch Processing in AKVIS AirBrush - Creating Drawings 319
AKVIS ArtSuite Photo Frames for All Occasions 407
AKVIS ArtSuite: Add Effects to your Photos! 351
Classic Frame - Decorating Photos in the Classic Style 333
Frog Prince House: Fun Patterned Frame 338
Ballet Art: Trying ArtWork Painting Styles 434
Turn a Photo into an Oil Painting with AKVIS ArtWork: Tutorial 428
Transforming a Photo Into a Watercolor Painting 335
Create a Gouache Painting from a Photograph 645
Comics Effect: Posterize Your Photo in AKVIS ArtWork 646
Create Pen And Ink Drawings From Your Photos 395
Linocut: Transform Photos Into a Black and White Image 4680
Pastel Effect in ArtWork: Between Drawing and Painting 400
Pointillism Effect in AKVIS ArtWork: Painting with Colored Dots 567
Make Paintings from Photographs: Examples of Using AKVIS ArtWork 352
Oil Painting from Photo 397
City Canal View. Make an Oil Painting out of Photo 343
Still Life With Peaches: turn a photograph into a classic still life 363
A Little Secret: Comics and Pen&Ink 310
Improve Your Painting Skills with AKVIS ArtWork 339
ArtWork Gallery: Stylization of Photography for Painting 384
Mythical Horse: A Magical Watercolor Illustration 357
Emergency Cow: Make Poster From Photo 374
Human Flower: Gouache Painting and Inking with AKVIS ArtWork 351
Baroque Architecture: Linocut Print 390
Painting Techniques in AKVIS ArtWork: Transform Photos to Paintings 346
Working with Presets in AKVIS ArtWork 376
Imitate Painting on a Canvas: the Canvas tab in AKVIS ArtWork 355
Adding Text or Watermark to Your Painting in AKVIS ArtWork 372
Animated Comic of a Cat: Turn Video into Cartoon 388
Create a Greeting Card from a Photo in AKVIS Chameleon 364
Change Eyes on a Portrait with AKVIS Chameleon: Photo Montage 331
Creative design in Paint Shop Pro with AKVIS Chameleon 360
Create a Coffee Postage Stamp with AKVIS Chameleon 317
Autumn Photo Collage Created in AKVIS Chameleon 307
Create a Fantastic Collage in AKVIS Chameleon 350
Wood Painting: an Apple Drawn on Wooden Surface 355
How to Create a Photo Collage with AKVIS Chameleon in Montage Mode 373
How to Create a Photo Collage with AKVIS Chameleon in Chameleon Mode 363
How to Create a Photo Collage with AKVIS Chameleon in Blend Mode 339
How to Create a Photo Collage with AKVIS Chameleon in Emersion Mode 360
How to Create a Double Exposure Effect with AKVIS Chameleon 429
Photo Hunting: Create a Photo Montage with AKVIS Chameleon 381
Chameleon in the Fire: Making a Collage with AKVIS Chameleon 368
Create a Wedding Collage with AKVIS Chameleon 346
Bird in a Cage: Combine Objects on a Photo with AKVIS Chameleon 423
Colorization of B&W photos with AKVIS Coloriage. Tutorial. 1480
Colorizing a Sketch in Anime/Manga Style Using AKVIS Coloriage 609
Change Color of Clothes on a Color Photo in AKVIS Coloriage 380
Color Options for Interior Design: Colorize 3D Image in AKVIS Coloriage 533
Selective Desaturation of Color Photos in AKVIS Coloriage 366
Selective Colorization of B&W photos in AKVIS Coloriage 362
Repainting Animals in AKVIS Decorator 374
Change Color and Material of Clothes with AKVIS Decorator 556
Choosing a Suitable Interior Design for your Apartment with AKVIS Decorator 417
Decorate Your Room with AKVIS Decorator 370
Teapots for Every Taste: Trying on Different Textures 424
Pencil Drawing Effect Parameters in AKVIS Draw 704
A Black Cat in a Dark Room: Enhancement of a Mobile Camera Photo 355
Lighten a Dark Street Photo with AKVIS Enhancer 341
Improving Detail on Images with AKVIS Enhancer 325
Improve Photos Before Printing in Prepress Mode of AKVIS Enhancer 359
Tone Correction Mode in AKVIS Enhancer: Tone Correction 312
Tutorial for AKVIS Enhancer. Reveal details on a technical illustration. 323
Adding/Deleting Frame Packs in the AKVIS Frames Program 429
Creating a Custom Frame Pack in the AKVIS Frames Program 320
AKVIS Frames Software Activation Instruction 342
What Is HDRI: About High Dynamic Range Imaging 331
Sunset Beach: Creating an HDR Effect on a Photo 334
Restoring Colors To A Photo With AKVIS HDRFactory 328
Create High Dynamic Range Images in AKVIS HDRFactory 321
Adjustment and Single-Shot HDR Effect in AKVIS HDRFactory 356
AKVIS HDRFactory Effects 329
Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Images 374
Local Correction of Specific Areas in HDRFactory 329
Fireworks in the Night Sky - Using AKVIS LightShop 362
Light Effects Elements in AKVIS LightShop 342
Sparkle Brush in AKVIS LightShop 348
Magnification Power: Enlargement of Small Images with AKVIS Magnifier 384
Paparazzi: Hunting for the Latest Sensation. Working With an Image Fragment 349
How to Improve Facial Skin Tone In AKVIS MakeUp 319
Cover Girl: Portrait Retouching With AKVIS MakeUp 339
Retouching Tools in AKVIS MakeUp: Spot Remover, Teeth Whitening, Red Eye Removal 323
The Secret of Charm: Black & White Photography 346
Create a High Key Portrait in AKVIS MakeUp 342
Glowing Drawings from Photos with AKVIS Neon: How It Works 373
AKVIS Noise Buster Tutorial: Noise Suppression Software 305
Photos into Paintings with AKVIS OilPaint: How It Works 316
Oil Painting Effect in AKVIS OilPaint 394
Adjust a Canvas for an Oil Painting in AKVIS OilPaint 349
Add Text or Watermark to Your Oil Painting 351
Apply Frames to an Oil Painting in AKVIS OilPaint 345
Abstract Art in AKVIS OilPaint 310
Pastel Painting from Photo in AKVIS Pastel - Effect Settings 356
Abstract Art in AKVIS Pastel 344
Pointillism Effect: Painting with Colored Dots 502
Pointillism Effect Presets, Import/Export Settings in AKVIS Points 315
Tools in AKVIS Points: Pointillism Paintings from Photos 330
Improve Photographs With AKVIS Refocus: Tutorial 317
Improve the Focus of an Image in AKVIS Refocus 342
Selective Focus Effect: Look Into My Eyes 355
Tilt-Shift Effect in AKVIS Refocus 494
Toy World: Creating the Tilt-Shift Effect 424
Iris Blur in AKVIS Refocus: Blur the Background of a Photo 395
Motion Blur in AKVIS Refocus 365
Radial Blur in AKVIS Refocus 358
Old Family Photo Restoration: Using AKVIS Retoucher 568
Lioness in a Cage: Remove Iron Rods with AKVIS Retoucher 392
Building Up Images' Borders With AKVIS Retoucher 321
Restoration of a Daguerreotype with AKVIS Retoucher 341
Repairing an Old Torn Illustration with AKVIS Retoucher 349
Prepress Processing in AKVIS Retoucher: For Polygraphic Workers 320
AKVIS Retoucher: Removing Large Objects 411
How to Convert a Photo to a Pencil Sketch with AKVIS Sketch 391
Graphite Pencil Drawing from a Photo Portrait with AKVIS Sketch 544
Convert a Photo of a Hotel into a Color Drawing 461
Pastel Drawing out of a Photo with AKVIS Sketch 321
Make a Sketch from a Photo - Classic Style in AKVIS Sketch 379
Make a Sketch from a Photo - Artistic Style in AKVIS Sketch 454
Make a Sketch from a Photo - Maestro Style in AKVIS Sketch 531
Timeline in AKVIS Sketch - Drawings from Photos 355
Background Effects in AKVIS Sketch: Sketch & Photo, Sketch & Blur 443
On a Bright Street: Combining a Photo and Drawing 329
Friends in a Cafe: Drawing and Blur in AKVIS Sketch 341
Add Text or Watermark to Your Pencil Drawing in AKVIS Sketch 368
Imitate Sketch Drawing on a Canvas 341
Add a Frame to a Pencil Drawing in AKVIS Sketch 330
Batch Processing Of Photos With AKVIS Sketch 333
Toy Story: Create Your Own Comics With AKVIS Sketch 464
Transform Video into Cartoon Film with AKVIS Sketch 414
Selection with AKVIS SmartMask: How It Works 310
Automatic Selection Tools in AKVIS SmartMask 315
Manual Selection Tools in AKVIS SmartMask 359
Quick Selection Tool in AKVIS SmartMask 370
Magic Brush Tool in AKVIS SmartMask 351
Post-Processing Tools in AKVIS SmartMask: Background Eraser, History Brush, Blur 304
Chroma Key Technique in AKVIS SmartMask 352
Refine Selection Edges in AKVIS SmartMask 386
Adding a New Background in AKVIS SmartMask 307
Working with Projects in AKVIS SmartMask 348
Photos into Paintings with AKVIS Watercolor: How It Works 300
Sailing Ship: Watercolor Painting 470
Watercolor on Canvas - Textured Surface for watercolor paintings 330
Frames for a Watercolor Painting - AKVIS Watercolor 367
Add Text/Watermark for a Watercolor Art - AKVIS Watercolor 326
Tools in AKVIS Watercolor - Digital Painting 329
Batch Processing of Photos With AKVIS Watercolor 342
Using Frame Packs In ArtSuite: Installing And Registering 368
Convert Video to Cartoon with AKVIS Sketch Video - How It Works 1192
Convert Video to Cartoon with AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin: Classic Style 499
Convert Video to Cartoon with AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin: Artistic Style 492
AKVIS Sketch Video: Converting Videos into Animated Cartoons. Esquisse Style 510
AKVIS Sketch Video Plugin Activation 3350
AKVIS Software Activation Instruction 102
AKVIS Software Installation Instruction 569
Installer les logiciels AKVIS (plugins, standalones) 102
Installationsanleitung für AKVIS Software 102
Instalar los programas de AKVIS 102
Instalação dos programas de AKVIS 102
Installazione dei programmi AKVIS 102
Image Decoration with AKVIS Programs 350
Canvas Options in AKVIS Programs: Blend Images With Uneven Surfaces 279
Frame Your Images with AKVIS Programs 262
Text & Watermark for Your Images in AKVIS Programs 296
Picture Frame Decoration with AKVIS Programs 317
Classic Frame for Your Pictures in AKVIS Programs 340
Pattern Frame for Your Pictures in AKVIS Programs 323
Frame Your Pictures with Strokes and Lines in AKVIS Programs 315
Vignette Effect for Your Images in AKVIS Programs 319
Framing Images with Passe-Partout in AKVIS Programs 464
Import and Export Users Presets in AKVIS Programs 303
Batch Processing - AKVIS Tutorials 325
Batch Processing with AKVIS Programs - Standalone Apps 335
Batch Processing with AKVIS Plugins in Photoshop 366
AKVIS Log Files Location: on Windows and Mac 327
Adding Plugins to Your Image Editors 285
Adding AKVIS Plugins to AliveColors Image Editor 396
AKVIS PlugIns in Photoshop CC Windows 64 bit 1206
AKVIS Plugins in Photoshop in Windows 32 bit 355
Photoshop Elements PlugIns in Windows 64 bit 758
Adding Plug-ins to Corel PaintShop Pro 1092
Installing PlugIns in Corel Painter 64 bit on Windows 64-bit 603
Installation of Plug-ins in PhotoImpact 450
Installation Plug-ins in Xara Designer Pro X11 468
Xara Xtreme Pro and Photoshop plug-ins, Live Effects 422
Adding AKVIS Tools to Lightroom as External Editors 410
How to Add Photoshop Plug-ins to GIMP 1359
Add Photo Editing PlugIns to Paint.NET 447
Add AKVIS Plugins to Affinity Photo 819
Selection Tools in Image Editors 325
Adobe Photoshop Selection Tools 360
Learn to use selection tools in Photoshop Elements 383
Paint Shop Pro Selection Tools 381
Masking in Photo-Paint: Main Selection Tools 361
Transformation of Objects and Layers in Image Editors 310
Layer transformation in Adobe Photoshop Elements. 325
Layer transformation in Paint Shop Pro 307
Rotation and Flipping of Images in Photo Editors 331
Tutorial: Rotation and flipping in Adobe Photoshop Elements 354
Tutorial. Rotation and flipping in Adobe Photoshop. 358
Rotation and flipping in Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro 354
Rotation and flipping in Corel Photo-Paint 500
Resizing Images to View on The Screen 321
Tutorial. Changing image size in Adobe Photoshop. 451
Changing image size to view on a display in Adobe Photoshop Elements 359
PSP Tutorial: changing image size to view on the screen 441
Tutorial. Changing image size to view on the screen. In Corel Photo-Paint. 352
Graphics Tutorials on akvis.com - Tips and Tricks 102
Articles sur la retouche de photo numérique, théorie de couleurs 102
Artikel über Fotobearbeitung 102
Artículos sobre la fotografía digital en akvis.com 102
Artigos sobre gráfica e fotografia digital 102
Graphics, Digital Photography, Scanning... - Articles on akvis.com 102
Photo Tips for Beginners 313
Digital photo ABC: capture, edit, store 300
Digital Photo ABC: photographing in various conditions 329
Digital photo ABC: processing photos on a computer 307
Digital photo ABC: Photo storage and basic image formats 314
Digital photo ABC: experience, experience, and more experience! 337
The history of photography. The history of appearance and development of photography 303
History of photography: how it all began... 364
History of photography: Niépce pictures 453
The history of photography: Talbots pictures. 339
History of photography: Daguerre pictures, appearance of daguerrotypy 381
The history of photography: Development of photography 270
AKVIS Articles: Monitor Calibration 312
AKVIS Articles: Monitor Calibration: Theory 307
AKVIS Articles: Monitor Calibration: Black Point 316
AKVIS Articles: Monitor Calibration: White Point 289
AKVIS Articles: Monitor Calibration: Monitor Gamma 663
AKVIS Graphic Articles. Color Matters: Color and Brain 309
Color Matters: Color and Brain: Car Color Stories 342
Color Matters: Color and Brain: Color & Accident Matters 331
Color Matters: Color and Brain: Culture Matters 334
Color Matters: Color and Brain: The Meaning of Color for Gender 549
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Body 332
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Body: Color and food matters 420
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Body: Drunk Tank Pink 309
AKVIS Graphic Articles: Color Matters: Color and Vision 299
Color and Vision Matters 350
Color Matters: Color & Vision: How the Eye Sees Color 412
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design - Art 276
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Who Owns Hues? 330
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Basic Color Theory 336
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Color for E-Commerce 321
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: True Color and Metamerism 310
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Historical color matters 330
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Quirks of the Color Quest 324
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Design: Color & Art Education 314
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Science 319
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Science: Color Systems 330
Color Matters: Color and Science: Electromagnetic Color - AKVIS Articles 268
Color Matters: Color and the World - AKVIS Articles 367
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and the World: Color and usability matters 317
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and the World: Color and energy matters 339
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Computers 319
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Computers: Computer color matters 327
AKVIS Articles. Color Matters: Color and Computers: The Chameleon of the Web 336
AKVIS Articles. Color and Sound Therapy 295
Particle Explosion Effect in AKVIS Explosion 483
Sand Effect in AKVIS Explosion 405
Tutorial Bildbearbeitungsprogramme: Tipps und Tricks 102
Tutoriales sobre tratamiento de imágenes: Trucos 102
Conselhos, recomendações e truques 102
Trucchi, suggerimenti e consigli per Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint 228
Conseils et astuces : Utilisation des éditeurs d'images 104
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Magic Wand tool,using Magic Wand tool,Magic Wand tool photoshop Written by Admin 2045
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drawing and erasing photoshop Written by Admin 2213
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