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How to block a User Agens in an .htaccess file? 329
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) 1188
How to force SSL with .htaccess 302
Redirect from HTTPS to HTTP 456
How to change my document root folder using an .htaccess file? 785
How to edit hidden/system files? 375
URL Masking with .htaccess 1709
How to prevent directory listing? 353
How to redirect non-www URLs to www? 337
How to redirect www URLs to non-www? 418
How to run simple shell scripts directly from a browser? 581
How to use Server Side Includes (SSI) in your pages 370
I have changed my domain and want to forward visitors to the new one 353
How to allow/deny access to your website based on the visitor s browser? 322
How to redirect all visitors except your IP to another website? 444
How to make a rewrite rule time-dependent? 319
How to redirect my error pages to an URL? 325
How to change the timezone for my account? 354
How to block access to all hidden files on your account? 307
How to block access to a specific folder? 318
How to password protect a single file? 456
Why a password-protected directory asks twice for the password? 439
How can I enable Mod-Rewrite Module? 456
What is the encryption type of the .htpasswd file? 375
How can I redirect mydomain.com to mydomain.com/folder? 398
My redirection set from cPanel shows an error 316
How can I create different types of web redirect with my cPanel? 363
How to enable Imagick (ImageMagick) 3091
How to increase PHP upload_max_filesize? 388
What is my PHP memory limit? 340
Is PHP Safe Mode turned Off on SiteGround s servers 363
How to enable zlib compression manually for PHP scripts 2195
My script requires ionCube loaders Do you have ionCube installed? 388
How to generate PDF files with PHP? 782
How to pipe an email to a PHP script 556
How to enable error reporting in a PHP script? 340
PHP and HTML redirects 334
How to change the timezone for a single PHP file? 333
How to check which PHP version is running on my account? 367
How to include PHP code in .htm/.html pages? 330
How to change the date.timezone value in PHP 321
PHP Error: Cannot modify header information 363
How to increase PHP Memory? 313
Is PEAR included in your PHP installations 328
Site shows PHP warnings / errors 423
PHP s fsockopen() problems 379
Are zlib, zip, curl, simple_xml supported? 354
Is Zend Optimizer available? 340
My script requires PHP installed as Apache module. Can you please rebuild it? 331
How to setup Hotlink Protection 688
How to add MIME types 416
How to modify Apache directory listing style 864
How to add Apache handlers 336
Is Node.js available? 352
Do you use Varnish on your servers? 319
How to see available python modules 322
Do You Use SSD Disks? 285
What is pdftoppm and is it supported by SiteGround? 314
I would like to use JSP for my website, is this possible? 303
Which ports are open on SiteGround shared servers? 521
The whois command is not available on SiteGround s servers? 289
Is SQLite supported? 467
Is it possible to have folders with 777 permissions? 368
What is the Apache timeout on the shared servers? 316
Is it possible to change the Apache timeout? 336
What is the path to ImageMagick? 332
Is Ghostscript available with Siteground? 390
Is it possible to set Apache s AllowOverride directive to All 312
How to have a different default index file? 356
Is MSSQL supported? 347
Where are SiteGround s servers? 303
What is the full path to curl on my server? 317
Streaming of audio / video files is not supported on shared hosting but how about just downloading? 329
Is embedding Youtube videos allowed on Siteground s shared servers? 346
Are GD, DOM/XML and iconv libraries supported by Siteground? 363
Do you support AJAX / JavaScript on your servers? 316
Is Microsoft s Silverlight supported on your servers? 314
What is the LimitRequestBody set to? 355
What is the path to Perl / Sendmail? 320
How do I check if the server I am hosted on is experiencing difficulties 314
Can I run my own CGI scripts? 368
Do you use Windows servers? 306
Is Java / Tomcat available? 291
Do you allow proxies to be hosted? 311
Is ASP / ASP.NET supported? 295
How to adjust the time zone on the server? 319
Do you support dcraw, ffmpeg, jhead? 360
How to have a different/dedicated IP address? 294
How to open a firewall port on a SiteGround server? 449
Do you support ODBC for MySQL on Linux? 291
Is ClamAV supported? 297
Is video/audio streaming supported on shared hosting accounts? 290
How to delete your profile 304
How to export your personal data 306
How to change my SiteGround email subscription preferences? 322
How long does the account activation take? 284
Web Site vs Domain Name vs Hosting - what are the differences? 327
How to reduce the number of inodes my account uses? 348
Do you offer reseller hosting and discounts for multiple accounts? 450
Where can I find information about my server? 346