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Using Cursor to iterate through records in sql server 2008

Cursors are great way to loop through records in SQL especially when you need to deal with individual records from certain table.

Here is an example using cursor;

The definitions for the terminology are:

this statement defines the SELECT statement that forms the basis of the cursor.
You can do just about anything here that you can do in a SELECT statement.


statement executes the SELECT statement and populates the result set.

statement returns a row from the result set into the variable.
You can select multiple columns and return them into multiple variables.
The variable @@FETCH_STATUS is used to determine if there are any more rows.
It will contain 0 as long as there are more rows.
We use a WHILE loop to move through each row of the result set.

READ_ONLY clause is important in the code above.  That improves the performance of the cursor.

CLOSE statement releases the row set

DEALLOCATE statement releases the resources associated with a cursor.

Note **
Please note that cursors are the SLOWEST way to access data inside SQL Server. This should only be used when you truly need to access one row at a time.


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