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Top Collections(Lists) of Mini Projects in C and C++ free download source code and exe.
Here are the collections of Mini Projects in c and c++ with full source code and executable file. All the codes are compiled using GCC Compiler in Code::Blocks IDE in Windows platform. So the code may produce errors if compiled on other platforms and compilers. All the visitors are requested to use these projects as a reference purpose only. Submitting these projects as college/school mini project without modification or only little modification is completely discouraged. They are created to help you to develop ideas about the mini project, topics, writing styles, file handling etc. Analyze these projects and obtain the ideas and try to write the code yourself.

Declaimer: The author of this blog will not be responsible for any harm or destruction created by these projects.
The lists of projects are

C Projects

  1. Quiz (Who will be the millionaire) 
  2. Cyber Management System  (Difficult)
  3. Mini project Snake game using C

C++ Projects

  1. Bike Race Game
  2. Bus Reservation System

Other Top Collection of Mini Projects

  1. Top 10 C/C++ project list 

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