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Minor project: Cyber Management System using C

C.yber is a program which interconnects different computers which allow users to communicate over the computer network and provide security from unauthorized users by login system in client server.The project aims at managing the cyber cafe with multiple clients and gives the clients access of services that the cyber is providing when it logs in. The clients can log in as members or guests and use the services that the cyber is providing. The client can request services of the cafe like tea, coffee or any others.
The above program uses file handling as a database. The various features of C like Multithreading, Socket (Networking) are used. It is very useful for the student or beginner in the programming field. It also helps in building the other type of management software or projects like library management, student record, and much more.

Here are the lists of the Mini Projects in C/C++

The source code is available on GitHub. Please note that the project runs only on Windows.

Block Diagram:


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