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Lab assignments and problems on Data Structure with C/C++ code and Algorithm

Here are lists of lab assignments and problems on various topics in Data Structure. Please click the link below to see the algorithm and source code of the problem in that topic.

  1. Stack
  2. Queue
  3. Circular Queue
  4. Infix to Postfix Conversion
  5. Postfix Evaluation
  6.  Linked List
  7. Stack and Queue using Linked list
  8. Tower of Hanoi
  9. Bubble Sort
  10. Quick Sort
  11. Straight Selection Sort
  12. Straight Insertion Sort
  13. Merge Sort
  14. Shell Sort
  15. Tree Sort
  16. Sequential Search
  17. Binary Search
  18. Tree Search
  19. Hashing and Hash Table generation
  20. Dijkstra’s Shortest path algorithm

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