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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Quick Selection

The Quick Selection tool selects an object by analyzing colors of neighboring pixels. Draw with this brush over the image, and the selection expands, automatically finding edges and filling areas.

    Original Image
  • Step 1. Choose a mode to make a selection: New, Add, or Subtract.

      New . In this mode a new selection will be created. If there are selected areas on the image, they will be deselected. Once you draw with the brush, the mode will automatically switch to Add.

      Add . The selection area will be increased by adding new fragments.

      Subtract . You can remove the areas of the selection you don\'t want by activating this mode.

  • Step 2. Adjust the tool\'s parameters:

      Size. It\'s the diameter of the brush.

      All similar colors will be selected, considering the edges of the objects and the value of the Tolerance parameter.

      Tolerance. When the value of this parameter is increased, more colors are included in the selected area. If it is set to 0 the brush selects only the areas where it\'s applied.
      \"Tolerance \"Tolerance
      Tolerance = 5 Tolerance = 50

  • Step 3. Make a new selection drawing with the brush over the image.
  • Step 4. Click on and choose a command (what you want to do with the selection):
    Remove Selected Areas, Remove Unselected Areas, Invert Selection, or Deselect.

    For example, use the second command to remove the background:


You can use the Magic Brush and other tools to edit the selection.


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