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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Working with Projects

In AKVIS SmartMask you can save a working draft of your project into a file with the .akvis extension. This file contains the original image, the state of the image at the moment it was saved, and manually created checkpoints added during your work. It will also contain the most recently used color sets and parameters.

How to work with a project in AKVIS SmartMask:

  • Step 1. Use the program’s tools and periodically save the result of your work with checkpoints by pressing the Create Checkpoint button in the History palette.

    These control points (snapshots) lets you preserve the current state of the image with color strokes and selections.


      Note: The History panel is only available under the Home Deluxe and Business licenses, therefore only users with these licenses can create checkpoints.

      With Home licenses you can save the project to the AKVIS file with the state at the moment of saving, with all parameters and settings, and with the original image, but without the checkpoints.

  • Step 2. Save the result into a file with the .akvis extension.

    To do this press , then choose a name for the file and press Save.


    Alternatively, in the standalone version you can save the project by pressing . Just choose the AKVIS format.

  • Step 3. Open the saved project (*.akvis) by pressing . This file can also be opened by pressing (only in the standalone version).

    The History palette shows the saved checkpoints and the result. The original image is shown in the Original tab and the Processing tab shows the last saved state.


    You can switch between checkpoints in the History palette by clicking on the desired checkpoint with the left mouse button. The corresponding image will be shown in the Processing tab.


    Users of the Home version can only see the original file and the result, in the Original and Processing tabs, respectively.



You can work on a project in the AKVIS SmartMask plugin in the same way as in the standalone edition.



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