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Tutorial: AKVIS SmartMask

Custom Background

The Custom Background mode (available only in the standalone version) allows you to place a new background image behind the cut-out object.

New Background
(hover the mouse over the image to see the original)


The Load button is used to load a new background image.

The Delete button removes the background image.


Adjust the uploaded background image using the parameters in the Settings Panel:

Opacity (50-100). This auxiliary parameter allows you to place the fragment more accurately by adjusting its transparency. It does not affect the final result.

The Transform tab contains settings to adjust the size and position of the background image and the cut-out fragment.

  • Edit Fragment. Enable the check-box to move and transform the cut-out object.
  • Size. You can resize the background image using the W and H fields. Also, you can increase or decrease the size of the background by dragging one of the eight square markers on the image frame. Couple the link to maintain the aspect ratio. If the link icon is in the open state , the width and height will be scaled independently of each other.
  • Rotation Angle. Set the rotation angle of the background image using the A field. Also, you can rotate the image by moving your mouse in the Image Window. Outside the bounding frame the cursor turns to a rounded two-sided arrow . Holding down the left mouse button, rotate the image clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you press Alt, the rotation angle will change in five degrees.

    Click on to rotate the background image by 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  • Fit to Original . The background will be scaled to completely fit the original image.
  • Fill . The background will be scaled to cover the entire original image.
  • Flip horizontally . This option allows the background to be mirrored along the standing axis, i.e. interchanging the left and right sides.
  • Flip vertically . This option mirrors the background by turning it upside down.


Use the Correction tab to make adjustments to the tonal range of the background image.

  • Brightness (-100..100). The parameter changes the brightness of the background image. At higher values, the background image becomes lighter. At lower values, the image becomes darker.
    Brightness = -50
    Brightness = 50
  • Contrast (-100..100). The parameter increases (at values greater than 0) or decreases (at values less than 0) the difference between light and dark areas of the background image.
    Contrast = -50
    Contrast = 50
  • Saturation (-100..100). The parameter defines the color intensity of the background image.
    Saturation = -50
    Saturation = 50
  • Blur (0-100). This parameter reduces the sharpness of the background image.
    Blur = 5
    Blur = 50

Click OK to confirm the changes. Press Cancel to exit the mode without saving the changes. Press the Default button to restore the image to its original state.


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