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Tutorial: AKVIS Magnifier AI

Magnification Power

The example was made using the old algorithm of Magnifier.

Silvano Dotti sent us a clear example of the power of AKVIS Magnifier.

He received a fine photo via email of his little granddaughter taken by a neighbor. Unfortunately it was very small, so he decided to enlarge it (400%) and chose AKVIS Magnifier to do it.

You can do it too by following these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the original image in AKVIS Magnifier.

    Original Image
  • Step 2. Use the Navigator to see how the image would look enlarged at its current resolution.

    View Zoomed 400%
  • Step 3. Enlarge the image by 4 times. Increase the size in the New Size field by 400% and press to start processing the image. Compare the variants in the Before and After tabs. Now you can see more details.

    Enlarging the Image
  • Step 4. Save the result by pressing .


Magnifier AI v. 10.0 - Free 10-day Trial    \'Download\'

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