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Tutorial: AKVIS Chameleon

Bird in a Cage

AKVIS Chameleon can be used not only to place an object in a new background but also to combine objects. Emersion can \"shift\" objects from the foreground to the background and vice versa. In this tutorial we\'ll show how to \"embed\" a bird into an image to make it appear as if it were within the bars of a birdcage.

    \"Background \"Object \"Collage:
  • Step 1. Open AKVIS Chameleon and press to open the photo of a birdcage - it will be the background for the collage.

  • Step 2. Press to open an object. We use the image of a bird with a transparent background.

  • Step 3. Choose the Emersion mode from the drop-down list in the Settings Panel, then use the Transform tool to change the size and location of the bird on the background.

  • Step 4. Next we\'ll give the program a \"hint\" to where the bird should be merged into the background. Click on one of the squares in the Settings Panel (the cursor will become a pipette) and then click within the birdcage where part of the wall shows through. This square will display the selected color. You can choose up to six specified colors (in this case it will be black and dark brown tones).

  • Step 5. Start image processing by pressing . The result is shown in the After tab. We see that the cage remains unchanged, while the bird appears to be within its bars.

  • Step 6. The Threshold parameter controls how much an object is combined with the background. Increasing its value will make the bird behind the bars more visible. Set this parameter to 40 and reprocess the image.

    The result is shown in the After tab. The bird blends with the cage quite convincingly.



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