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Tutorial: AKVIS ArtWork

Pointillism Effect

Pointillism is a style of painting in which small dots of color are applied to create the illusion of form. It was part of the impressionist movement that wanted to make thoughts and feelings visible and opened the gates to modern art.

    Attention! The Pointillism style is only available under the Home Deluxe and Business licenses. It’s possible to try all features in the trial period.

Pointillism Painting
(Hover the mouse over the picture to see the original image)

You can adjust the effect parameters in the Painting tab:

Size of Dots (10-100). This parameter specifies the maximum size of the points.

Size of Dots = 25
Size of Dots = 75

Density (10-100). The parameter changes the number of points in the image. The higher the value, the fewer areas will remain unpainted.

Density = 20
Density = 70

Saturation (0-100). This parameter defines the color intensity of the brush strokes. At the value = 0, the strokes have saturation of the original image. When increasing the parameter, the colors become brighter and more saturated.

Saturation = 10
Saturation = 50

Color Variety (0-100). When increasing the parameter, some of the points will change their color. The higher the value, the more colors appear in the image and the more saturated they become.

Color Variety = 5
Color Variety = 25

Relief (0-100). This parameter gives volume to the strokes. At low values the points are flat. The higher the value the more pronounced the strokes are.

Relief = 20
Relief = 90

Aspect (0-100). The parameter determines the shape of the strokes based on the aspect ratio of the brush. At the value = 0, the strokes have a circular shape, when increasing the parameter they turn into ellipses.

Aspect = 0
Aspect = 90

Random Seed (0-9999). This is the starting number for the random number generator that defines the distribution of the brush strokes. Every number produces a unique distribution of color spots.


Post-Processing Tools

    The History Brush tool fades the effect and restores the image, partially or fully, to its original state.

    Note: The tool is only available on the After tab and only under the Home Deluxe and Business licenses.

    Attention! If you switch to the Before tab and run the processing again, the changes made with the tool will be lost!


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