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Tutorial: AKVIS Refocus

Motion Blur

Motion Blur mode imitates the straight line motion of a camera.

\"Original \'Motion
Motion Blur
(Move your mouse over the image to see the original version)



Angle (0-180). This parameter sets the inclination angle of the line, along which the effect will expand to the image. The values of the parameter vary between 0 and 180 degrees. At exactly these values the blurring will be horizontal. At value = 90 the blurring will be vertical.

Angle = 55
Angle = 160

Distance (1-500). This parameter defines the effect application area in pixels (relative to every point of the image).

Distance = 100
Distance = 300

You can process only certain areas using the tools and .

Note that this feature is only available for Home Deluxe and Business licenses.


Refocus v. 10.0 - Free 10-day Trial    \'Download\'

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