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Tutorial: AKVIS Refocus

Look Into My Eyes

AKVIS Refocus is designed to produce clear images from blurry photos. Even if you think a photo is clear enough you can always choose to improve individual areas, such as the eyes. And who knows what magic will be found in such an appealing gaze?..

It\'s easy to create a selective focus effect with AKVIS Refocus.

    Original Image
  • Step 1. Start AKVIS Refocus and open (by pressing ) the photograph of the unknown mysterious smiling princess. The beauty of the girl\'s face is somewhat dampened by the blurriness of the photo.

    Original Image
  • Step 2. The preview window can help you select the best options for making the colors more vivid and expressive and the image clearer.

    Parameters\' Settings

    Press to process the image:

    Before Processing
    After Processing
  • Step 3. The startling clarity with which she emerges from the background detracts somewhat from the overall impression of the photo. To focus just on the eyes, change the processed area: mark areas to be processed in blue using the tool, and mark the areas which will not be processed in red using the tool. We will also select a dress to make it (especially the decoration pattern) more expressive.

    If you wish the rest parts can be a little blurred. We will keep them untouched (Blur = 0).

    Marking Areas With Strokes

    Press to reprocess the image. The result looks very natural and beautiful:



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