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The Vignette effect lets darkening or lightening the edges of a picture that helps to draw your eye to the central part. It\'s perfect for creating retro styled images, especially vintage looking portraits. The effect allows you to change a mood or enhance a composition of your image. Vignetting is fabulously easy to implement with the AKVIS programs.



Adjust the parameters of the effect:


Dark/Light Edges (-100..100). The parameter sets the strength of darkening (at negative values) or lightening (at positive values) of the image edges.

\"Dark \"Light
Dark Edges (-100) Light Edges (100)

Size (1-100). The parameter changes the effect area.

\"Small \"Wide
Size = 50 Size = 85

Shape (-100...100). The parameter affects rounding of the edges and changes the central part of the image from a rectangle (at negatives values) to a circle (at positive values).

\"Almost \"Circle\"
Shape = -50 Shape = 50

Smooth Transition (0-100). The parameter adjusts the smoothness of the border between the vignette and the central part. Increasing the value increases the fading effect.

\"Clear \"Blurred
Smooth Transition = 0 Smooth Transition = 10

Position. Move the white marker to shift the vignette. You can see the current coordinates of the center in the X and Y fields.

\"Shift \"Shift
Moving Vignette


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