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AKVIS Tutorials

Pattern Frame

The Pattern frame is generated with regular patterns along the borders of the picture. You can use a sample from the built-in Library or your own image.



The Library includes a wide range of texture samples and patterns. The samples for the Pattern frame are divided into groups; you can switch between them in the drop-down list.


Below, you can choose a texture sample.


    Hint: It is possible to load your own texture by selecting Custom… from the drop-down list. You can load the JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG images as textures. However, we recommend using PNG images with a transparent area for this type of frame.


Adjust the parameters:


Size (1-100). The parameter changes the width of the frame.

\"Thin \"Wide
Size = 20 Size = 60

Texture Brightness (-100..100). The parameter adjusts the color brightness. To darken the frame, set a value less than 0; to brighten it up, use higher than 0.

\"Dark \"Light
Texture Brightness = -100 Texture Brightness = 100


Flip Vertical . When the button is enabled, the outer and the inner edges of the frame swap over.

\"Flip \"Flip
Flip Vertical button is disabled Flip Vertical button is enabled

Flip Horizontal . Enable the button to interchange the left and the right parts of the texture.

\"Flip \"Flip
Flip Horizontal button is disabled Flip Horizontal button is enabled

The two last options allow you to arrange of the texture along the image borders and in the corners:

  1. Without rotation – disable the Rotate 90° button ;
  2. Rotation on the vertical sides – enable the Rotate 90° button ;
  3. Rotation on the sides and in the corners – enable both Rotate 90° and In Corners 45° buttons.

\"Without \"Rotation \"Rotation
Without Rotation Rotation on Vertical Sides Rotation on Sides and in Corners


Random Patterns. When the check-box is enabled, the pattern frame is generated using randomly selected objects.

Frame Created Using Four Random Patterns

Count (2-20). The number of patterns taken from the Texture Library to create a frame.

\'2 \'10
Count = 2 Count = 10

Random Seed (0-9999). This is the starting number for the random number generator. Every number corresponds a particular set and distribution of patterns.

Random Patterns Frame


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