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AKVIS Tutorials

Classic Frame

The Classic frame consists of four panels joined to each other at a 45° angle. With the AKVIS program you can create frames of various materials like wood, plastic, fabric, etc. The frame texture, width, and brightness can be easily adjustable. A beautifully designed frame elegantly surrounds your artwork making it even more impressive.



The program comes with a rich Library including a wide range of texture samples and patterns. The samples for the Classic Frame are divided into groups; you can switch between them in the drop-down list.


Below, you can choose a texture sample.


    Hint: It is possible to load your own texture by selecting Custom… from the drop-down list. You can use the JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG images as textures.


Using a sample, the program generates a frame to your liking.

Adjust the parameters:


Size (1-100). The parameter changes the width of the frame.

\"Thin \"Wide
Size = 30 Size = 70


Texture Brightness (-100..100). The parameter adjusts the color brightness. To darken the frame, set a value less than 0; to brighten it up, use higher than 0.

\"Dark \"Light
Texture Brightness = -50 Texture Brightness = 50


Flip Vertical . When the button is enabled, the outer and the inner edges of the frame swap over.

\"Flip \"Flip
Flip Vertical button is disabled Flip Vertical button is enabled


These options are extremely helpful to get rid of joins which can appear when generating a frame:

    Mirror Texture . It combines the texture edges using the specular reflection.

    Average Brightness . It removes the joints by averaging the brightness of the texture samples.

Example: Let\'s take a texture with uneven brightness – its left part is brighter than the right one.


If both of the buttons are disabled, the frame looks like this:


Activate the buttons to remove the texture joints:

\"Mirror \"Both
Mirror Texture button is enabled Both buttons are enabled


Scale Image to Frame. When the check-box is enabled, the image is scaled to fit the frame. When the option is disabled, the frame applies over the image.

Attention! A part of the image will be cropped to keep the aspect ratio.

\"Scale \"Scale
Scale Image to Frame check-box is disabled Scale Image to Frame check-box is enabled


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