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Tutorial: AKVIS MakeUp

High Key Portrait

High Key photography is a technique with white light falling evenly on all objects in a scene. High Key photographs contain tones from light gray to pure white. In these photos the eyes, eyelashes and facial contours are accentuated. Such portraits are characterized by the absence of heavy shadows and details.

Creating a High Key portrait is typically a complicated process in which the subject is illuminated in white reflected light from the surface of three sources. This tutorial will show how a high key portrait can be created in just a few minutes with AKVIS MakeUp.

    \"Original \"Result\"

  • Step 1. Open an image in AKVIS MakeUp.

    Original Image

  • Step 2. To create a high key portrait, first click on the Correction tab and choose the appropriate parameters.

    Turn down Saturation and increase Brightness so that a small amount of color remains in the image, and grey areas are brightened. The Hue parameter, as a rule, should be shifted slightly to cooler tones. Sharpness should be weakened to soften the image. Finally, change Contrast.

    Correcting the Image in AKVIS MakeUp
  • Step 3. Start processing the entire image by pressing .

    Result After Processing

    To strengthen the effect you can add an artificially bright white background:

    High Key Portrait


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