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Tutorial: AKVIS Draw

Pencil Drawing Effect Parameters

AKVIS Draw lets you make a hand drawn pencil sketch from your photo. The program creatively produces pencil strokes imitating an artist\'s view.

You can adjust the parameters for the photo to drawing conversion in the Settings Panel.

Pencil Drawing From Photo
(Move your mouse over the image to see the original version)


Color Options:

  • Monochrome. The drawing is made with a single color and its shades.

    Choose colors for the pencil strokes and the paper using the color squares. Click on the square to activate the eyedropper tool, double click to open the selection color dialog. Use to reset colors to default (black and white), to reverse the background and pencil colors.

  • Bright Colors. The drawing is created with bright, saturated colors. In this mode, you can change the background color.
  • Natural Colors. The drawing is made using the original color range. The background is white and can\'t be changed.

    Attention! Color changing is only available for the Home Deluxe and Business licenses. Owners of the Home license can make just black and white drawings.

    \"Changing \"Changing

    \"Bright \"Natural
    Bright Colors Natural Colors


Effect Parameters:

  • In the Blend Mode drop-down list, you can define how the drawing will interact with the original image. The blend amount can be adjusted using the Opacity parameter.

    Attention! This feature is only available for the Home Deluxe and Business licenses.

    Multiply Mode, Opacity = 54

    \'Weak \'Intense
    Opacity = 10 Opacity = 85

  • Refined Lines. The check-box changes the appearance of the pencil strokes. When this option is enabled, the ends of the lines become thinner, the drawing looks more refined and elegant.

    \"Regular \"Refined
    Regular Lines
    (?heck-box is disabled)
    Refined Lines
    (?heck-box is enabled)

  • Extra Contrast. The check-box adds bright and clear lines to dark areas creating the ink effect.

    \"Without \"With
    Without Extra Contrast
    (?heck-box is disabled)
    With Extra Contrast
    (?heck-box is enabled)

  • Brightness (10-100). The parameter changes the color intensity of the lines.

    \"Pale \"Bright
    Brightness = 20 Brightness = 90

  • Level of Detail (10-100). The parameter defines the amount of details and lines.

    \"Less \"More
    Level of Detail = 30 Level of Detail = 80

  • Stroke Thickness (3-30). The parameter defines the width of the lines.

    \"Thin \"Thick
    Stroke Thickness = 5 Stroke Thickness = 25

  • Hatching Density (0-200). The parameter changes the number of the hatching strokes. Increase its value to enhance the sense of volume.

    \"Less \"More
    Hatching Density = 50 Hatching Density = 150

  • Sensitivity (0-80). The parameter affects the intensity of hatching.

    \"Less \"More
    Sensitivity = 30 Sensitivity = 70

  • Curvature (0-12). This parameter changes the form of the hatching strokes, from straight lines (value = 0) to curved ones.

    \"Straight \"Curved
    Curvature = 0 Curvature = 10

  • Dispersion (0-100). The parameter randomly changes hatching. Increase its value to make the strokes more weak and thin.

    \"Low \"High
    Dispersion = 20 Dispersion = 85

  • Contour Detail (0-1000). The parameter defines the number of the small dark lines which complement the contours of the drawing.

    \"Without \"With
    Contour Detail = 0 Contour Detail = 900

  • Contour Brightness (1-100). The parameter changes the intensity of the contours.

    \"Pale \"Bright
    Contour Brightness = 10 Contour Brightness = 90

Additional Effects check-box:

    Shadows (1-50). The parameter enhances shadows giving your drawing more volume and depth.

    \"Without \"Shaded
    Shadows = 1 Shadows = 30

    Noise (0-100). The parameter adds graininess to the image.

    \"Noise \"Intense
    Noise = 0 Noise = 70

    Contrast (0-100). The parameter increases the difference between highlights and shadows. Using this setting, you can get rid of unnecessary details and make the drawing look \"cleaner\".

    \"Original \"Strong
    Contrast = -15 Contrast = 45


Draw v. 8.0 - Free 10-day Trial    \'Download\'

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