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Tutorial: AKVIS Sketch Video

Artistic Style: Effect Controls

The Artistic style in AKVIS Sketch Video is designed to create drawings with lively strokes and expressive hatching.

\"Original\" \"Frame
Frame to Pencil Sketch (Artistic Style)
(hover the mouse over the picture to see the original image)


Adjust the effect settings in the Effect Controls panel.

Preliminary Blur:

    Enable the Use Blur check-box for preliminary preparation of the image.

    Radius. The intensity of the blur in the preliminary preparation stage.


    Enable the Black & White check-box to convert the image to grayscale.

    Simplicity. The parameter adjusts the image simplification.


    Hatching Density. The parameter defines the number of strokes in the image. When the value is set to 0 only contour lines are drawn on the image (see Edges).

    Stroke Length. The parameter sets the maximum length of the strokes.

    Stroke Thickness. This parameter sets the stroke size.

    Lightness. Increase the parameter value to make the strokes lighter.

    Threshold. The parameter determines the distribution of strokes beyond the contour lines.

    Angle. The parameter defines the angle of hatching.

    Stabilization. The parameter sets the ratio between the static and moveable strokes when changing frames.


    Detail. The parameter changes the number of the strokes forming the contour lines.

    Edge Thickness. This parameter sets the thickness of contour lines.

    Intensity. The parameter lets you change the brightness of the contour lines.

    Lightness. Increase the parameter value to make the contour lines lighter.

    Simplicity. The parameter reduces the level of detail and simplifies the contours.

Post Processing Effects:

    Enable the Apply Effects check-box to add additional effects to the converted image.

    Shadows. The parameter enhances shadows in the image.

    Noise. The parameter adds noise to the image.

    Contrast. The parameter increases the difference between highlights and shadows.


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