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Blend Mode photoshop tranning when using for change image of templates joomla

When the two pictures are stacked on top of each other in the same image in Normal mode, the result is as shown (below).



Reducing the opacity of the top layer to 50% lets the bottom layer show through (below). However, this can result in quite the garbled effect, as you can see.

Click on the blend mode pull-down menu in the Layers palette (left). There are many different blending options from which to choose, and they all affect the layer differently. With the cherry blossom layer active and still at 50% opacity, use this menu to change the mode from Normal to Dissolve. The result is illustrated below.


Opacity: 50%
Opacity: 50%

What dissolve does is act upon a layer that has less than 100% opacity to scatter random speckles across the layer contents. This is called "dither." Dissolve also works on things painted upon the layer, such as with the Brush tool.