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What kind of domain name extensions do you offer?

We offer the following domain name extensions:

  • Popular extensions - .com, .eu, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us and .nl
  • Country-Specific domains - .at, .be, .cat, .ch, .co, .co.in, .co.nz, .co.uk, .co.za, .com.es, .es, .firm.in, .fr, .gen.in, .ind.in, .it, .net.in, .net.nz, .nom.es, .org.es, .org.in, .org.nz, .org.uk and .pl
  • Generic Domains - .academy, .agency, .bike, .camp, .careers, .clothing, .club, .coffee, .company, .directory, .education, .email, .estate, .expert, .flights, .gallery, .graphics, .guru, .holiday, .link, .me, .mobi, .photography, .photos, .plumbing, .shoes, .solutions, .technology, .tips, .today, .training, .vacations, and .xyz

You can use any other domain name extension with your account with us, provided that it has already been registered with another Registrar.  In order to do so, you will simply need to:

  • Set our DNS servers for your domain to point to the server, that hosts your account with us.
  • Or Change the A / MX records for your domain.

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