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What are .mobi domain names?

dotMobi is the first and only top level domain designed to help users find internet content that will work on their mobile phones.

Browsing through mobile phones is getting more and more popular and dotMobi domains are used to create a website that is specifically designed for mobile browsing. There are currently more than 1.1 million web sites designed for mobile users, and that number is continuing to grow at an incredibly fast pace.

dotMobi websites are normally created as an addition to your main site and are smaller, more concise and faster. Of course, you can just park your .mobi domain to your main website while you are preparing the mobile version of the site. In this way you will also protect your brand from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the name recognition generated by your main domain.

The main advantage of dotMobi for users is that they are theoretically guaranteed a site optimized for usage on the go. dotMobi websites can be easily accessed via a variety of mobile devices, including cell phones, Smart Phones, Windows Mobile Devices, RIM devices and more.

To easily optimize your website for mobile browsing, the dotMobi community has created useful resources to guide you through this process:

  • mobiForge - The world\'s largest independent mobile development community
  • ready.mobi - A tool for testing the mobile readiness of your website
  • DeviceAtlas - The largest and the most accurate mobile device database available
  • mobilePhoneEmulator - A tool for checking how your website looks to a typical mobile phone user.

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