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How to Reduce your Account CPU Seconds Usage

The CPU Seconds usage for your hosting account indicates how much CPU time is needed for running your website scripts. In other words, it is a metric for calculating the server load generated by your website.

1. Troubleshooting

When logged in to cPanel for your account, you will see a link to our Detailed Stats tool on the left side. It will give you invaluable information for your hosting account:

Domain Hit Stats: First, check which domain name in your account gets most traffic. Check out the most commonly visited URLs. Check the IP addresses that have accessed your website. If you have too many requests from a single IP, do a whois check to determine whether it is a service or someone spamming your account.

Account Executions and Scripts: While Domain Hits show you the URLs accessed, this tab shows you the scripts that are actually executed. This will help you pinpoint problematic parts of your website and figure out where to focus your efforts.

2. Enable Caching

If you\'re using WordPress or other compatible web application, make sure you\'ve enabled and using the Dynamic Caching option in our SuperCacher. It\'s available for GrowBig and higher plans. If you\'re on StartUP, you can consider using a Full Page Caching plugin for your application. There are many free plugins with such functionality and we recommend that you select the one that best works for your site.

3. Switch to PHP 7.x

PHP7 provides great performance boost for your script. Make sure you\'re using the latest PHP version available for your account. Check out this article for more information on how to switch PHP Versions manually or simply use the PHP Version Manager tool in cPanel.

4. Keep Your Application Up-to-date and Clean Unused Plugins

If you\'re using a popular web application like WordPress or Joomla for example, make sure you have it updated to the last stable version. Application updates include fixes, patches and performance updates. In addition to that, make sure that you have deactivated and deleted all plugins and extensions that are currently not used.

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