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PHP Tutorial

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Adding parameter to PHP Functions Written by Admin 7643
Bootstrap 4 Button Generator 146
Bootstrap 4 Examples 138
Bootstrap 4 Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 132
Converting to boolean Written by Admin 2243
Creating a User Login System with PHP and MySQL 146
Creating Offline Application with HTML5 App Cache 135
CSS Animatable Properties 134
CSS Aural Properties - An Introduction to Aural Style Sheets 138
CSS Color Names - List of Color Keywords, Hex and RGB Values 141
CSS Color Values - Learn How to Define Color Values in CSS 137
CSS Web Safe Fonts - Learn How to Use Fonts Safely on Websites 132
CSS3 At-rules - List of Widely Supported At-rules 135
CSS3 Examples 139
CSS3 Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 133
Difference Between HTML5 Canvas and SVG Element 148
Difference Between HTTP GET and POST Methods 139
Filtering Records with MySQL WHERE Clause in PHP 136
Floating point number Written by Admin 2318
Font Awesome Icons Class List 148
For Loop PHP Written by Admin 2115
Form Handling PHP Written by Admin 2857
Formatting Dates and Times in PHP 136
Free Bootstrap Code Snippets & UI Templates 102
Frequently Asked Questions | 138
Get Last Inserted ID in MySQL Table Using PHP 131
How HTML5 Server-Sent Events Works 133
How to Access Submitted Form Data in PHP 133
How to Add JavaScript to HTML Pages 125
How to Add Style Sheets to HTML Pages 132
How to Connect to MySQL Server through PHP (MySQLi vs. PDO) 135
How to Create an HTML Page 127
How to Create and Manipulate Strings in PHP 132
How to Create Database in MySQL Using PHP 130
How to Create HTML Forms 131
How to Create HTML Tables 131
How to Create Links to Other Pages in HTML 126
How to Create Tables in MySQL Database Using PHP 125
How to Create, Access and Delete Cookies in PHP 137
How to Create, Access and Destroy Sessions in PHP 131
How to Define a Constant in PHP 130
How to Define a Variable in PHP 131
How to Define and Call a Function in PHP 125
How to Delete Data from MySQL Database Table Using PHP 133
How to Display a Web Page inside HTML iFrame 134
How to Draw Graphics on HTML5 Canvas 130
How to Embed Audio in HTML5 132
How to Embed Video in HTML5 130
How to Encode and Decode JSON Data in PHP 139
How to Find Position with HTML5 Geolocation 139
How to Force Download Files Using PHP 130
How to Include CSS in HTML Pages 135
How to Insert Data Into MySQL Database Table Using PHP 129
How to Insert Images in HTML Pages 124
How to Select Data from MySQL Database Tables Using PHP 128
How to Send Text and HTML Emails in PHP 127
How to Update Data in MySQL Database Table Using PHP 129
How to Upload Files on Server in PHP 128
How to Use CSS Selectors for Styling Elements 125
How to Use HTML5 Drag and Drop Feature 123
How to Use HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage 125
How to Use HTML5 Web Workers 122
How to Use MySQL Database in PHP 125
How to Validate HTML Pages 121
HTML Character Entities - References for Characters and Symbols 125
HTML Color Picker - Create Tints and Shades of Any Color 124
HTML Language Codes - List of Two Letter ISO Language Codes 125
HTML Ordered, Unordered, and Definition Lists 129
HTML Paragraphs and Line Breaks 133
HTML Special Characters and Entities 132
HTML Table Vs Div Based Layouts 121
HTML Tags Vs Elements 124
HTML5 and CSS3 References 135
HTML5 Event Attributes 127
HTML5 Examples 137
HTML5 Global Attributes 128
HTML5 Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 129
HTTP Status Codes - List of Standard Server Response Codes 133
If Else Statements Written by Admin 2935
Importance of HTML Headings: H1 to H6 133
Importance of Meta Tag for Search Engines 137
integer overflow php Written by Admin 5507
Integers in PHP Written by Admin 2602
JavaScript Examples 150
JavaScript Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 133
jQuery Examples 137
jQuery Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 129
Limiting Data Selections with MySQL LIMIT Clause in PHP 134
List of CSS3 Properties 141
List of HTML5 Tags/Elements 150
Method GET Variable Written by Admin 2322
Method POST Variable Written by Admin 8397
modify syntax array Written by Admin 2122
MySQL Database Live Search with PHP and AJAX 142
New Input Types in HTML5 133
New Maximum Length of Title and Meta Description Tag for SEO 134
Object Oriented Programming in PHP 127
Parsing and Reading Directories in PHP 129
PHP 5 Array Functions 129
PHP 5 Calendar Functions 129
PHP 5 Date and Time Functions 124
PHP 5 Errors Levels 134
PHP 5 File System Functions 130
PHP 5 MySQLi Functions 135
PHP 5 Sanitize and Validate Filters 191
PHP 5 String Functions 135
php array convert Written by Admin 2396
PHP code is executed on the server Written by Admin 7412
Php date function Written by Admin 2865
PHP Echo Vs Print Statement 141
PHP Error Handling and Logging 136
PHP Examples 140
PHP Exception Handling 133
PHP Form Validation 129
PHP Functions for Sorting Arrays 135
PHP If, Else and Elseif Conditional Statements 134
PHP Include and Require Files 144
Php include file Written by Admin 6841
PHP Indexed, Associative, and Multidimensional Arrays 138
PHP Installation Written by Admin 2232
PHP Looping Using While Loops Written by Admin 3690
PHP Magic Constants 144
PHP Math Operations 135
Php multi arrays Written by Admin 2343
PHP MySQL CRUD Application 147
PHP Open and Close file Written by Admin 4262
Php Reading File Line by Line Written by Admin 92519
PHP Sanitize and Validate Filters 102
Php Sort Functions For Arrays Written by Admin 3890
PHP Switch Case Conditional Statements 136
PHP Switch Statement Written by Admin 2615
PHP Syntax Written by Admin 2265
PHP Syntax and Comments Overview 102
PHP Syntax Booleans Written by Admin 1984
PHP Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 138
PHP While, Do-While, For and Foreach Loops 102
php with array Written by Admin 2475
Practice Examples 133
Privacy Policy 133
Regular Expressions in PHP 138
Return Value PHP Functions Written by Admin 2380
Setting Up Project with PHP and MySQL Database 144
Sorting Results with MySQL ORDER BY Clause in PHP 138
SQL Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners 131
String Variables in PHP Written by Admin 3341
Syntax of HTML5 Doctype Declaration 136
Terms of Use 126
Understanding CSS Selector and Declarations 124
Understanding PHP File System Functions 128
Understanding the Components of a URL 134
Understanding the PHP Data Types 141
using php functions Written by Admin 1899
using php variables Written by Admin 5641
Using Prepared Statements in MySQL with PHP 138
What is Attributes in HTML 137
What is URL Encoding in HTML 134
Working with HTML Head Elements 137
Working with HTML Text Formatting Tags 132
Working with PHP Operators 130