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This plugin displays any module into an article.

Syntax in editor:

{'module [xxx]}

where xxx is the id of the module you want to load.


You can select a default style for the modules chrome in the plugin manager, and overrule this in the editor. (only version 2 and up).

 {'module [xxx | rounded]}


Options are:

  • 'none'
  • 'xhtml' (wrapped by a div)
  • 'rounded' (wrapped by multiple divs)



Translate-module loaded into article using:


 {'module [xxx]}

How to use this

  1. Enable the plugin in the plugin manager.
  2. Go to the module manager and get the id is of the module you want to include.
  3. Paste the plugin-code into the editor:  {'module [xxx]} 
  4. Change the number to the id of the module you want to display



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