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You may have various approaches for building a jobsite, with job search and 

registration facilities for users and providing several services to your clients 

such as job posting, online application process, resume search, and so on. Joomla! 

is one of the best approaches and an affordable solution for building your jobsite, 

even if you are a novice to Joomla!. This is because Joomla! is a free, open source 

Content Management System (CMS) , which provides one of the most powerful 

web application development frameworks available today. These are all reasons 

for building a jobsite with Joomla!: 

• It has a friendly interface for all types of users—designers, developers, 

authors, and administrators.

• This CMS is growing rapidly and improving since its release. Joomla! is 

designed to be easy to install and set up even if you're not an advanced user. 

• Another advantage is that you need less time and effort to build a jobsite 

with Joomla!.

You need to use a Joomla! jobsite extension to build your jobsite and you can use the 

commercial extension Jobs! because it's fully equipped to operate a jobsite, featuring 

tools to manage jobs, resumes, applications, and subscriptions. If you are looking for 

a jobsite such as Monster, Career Builder, a niche jobs listing such as Tech Crunch, or 

just posting job ads on your company site, Jobs! is an ideal solution. To know more 

about this extension, visit its of? cial website http://templates81.com/.


Follow Step 

1 - Prerequisites for installation of Joomla! 

2- Setting up a local server environment

3 - Uploading installation packages and ? les to server

4 - Creating database and user

5 - Installing and con?guring Joomla! 1.5

6 - Managemant Content of website

Follow 6 step , you have successfully completed 1 website!!!


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