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Just like the previous versions, Joomla 1.7 version has a Global Configuration area in it. If you are using the previous version that is 1.6 versions, the same instructions are all valid. This is the most important point to be noted. You can find that in Joomla Admin, Top admin panel Site, Global Configuration.

There you will be able to find 4 tabs with the following options:

1.       Site:

In this site option, you will be able to change all the basic site settings such as the site name, Meta data and then SEO options. You can also put your site in offline and then set the offline message from here.

All the options that are given in the Site tab are very important, that too specifically, the SEO ones are the most important. It is must to rename the file htaccess.txt to .htaccess, in case you are using the Apache web server. This is done in order for the Use Apache mod_rewrite feature to work.

2.       System:

As most of the settings are all very advanced in the system tab, so, you must surely pay attention to two of them. They are

a)      Cache Settings:

i.            Set it to On – Progressive Caching if you would like the maximum caching and fastest Joomla.

ii.            Set it to On – Conservative if you would like to disable modules caching. In any case there is cache time in minutes. During this time changes may not appear because cached copies will be served to the viewers.

b)      Session Settings:

This is the timeframe during which you will stay logged in your Joomla even if you are inactive. Increase it if you are annoyed by being logged out too often from your Joomla.

3.       Server:

During the time of installation, most of the settings should be configured automatically that are given over here. Even though, you are in a different time zone, you can change the location settings. This will help you out, when the date of publication is given wrong or else when you receive the Joomla notifications with an incorrect date.

4.       Permissions:

This will be the most important improvements in the Joomla 1.7 version. It is because this is the one which provides many opportunities in order to allow or disallow some of the actions for the different access levels and groups the users. By default, you must surely change as nothing in the Permissions for a standard site. These sites are more comfortable and needed for the sites with the complex structures and also with multiple user levels.


Global Configuration in joomla