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Google analytics is a crucial tool for any successful website.  It provides you with valuable information about your website visitors and their behaviour.  I will show you the easiest way to implement Google analytics to your Joomla 1.5 website.

Whether you are technical minded or not, this is in my opinion the easiest way to implement Google analytics.  All you need is the BIGSHOT™ Google Analytics plugin.  I am assuming that you have already created your Google analytics account.  If not, do so first.

Step 1

Download the plugin from the link above and install via Extensions -> Install/Uninstall

Step 2

Navigate to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and look for the System - BIGSHOT Google Analytics plugin then click on it.  You will now see the following screen:

Google Analytics

Step 3

All that is left to do is enable the plugin and enter your Google analytics ID into the Web Property ID field.  Your Google analytics ID will be something like UA-12345678-1.

Google Analytics Code

Click Save, wait a day and you will start seeing data on your Google Analytics account.  Easy as that!

Add Google analytics to your Joomla website