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Mini project “Library management system” using C – Free Code

The project “Library Management System” is a sample of mini project in C. If you need to create a mini project in C and if you don’t know where and how to start,  I hope this sample project I created will help you to get started. Please remember that the purpose of this mini project is to guide you create a mini project using C. Please just don’t copy/paste and submit it. Use the code to learn and do the project yourself. Or you can modify the project, add features and submit. This project has 2 sections.

  1. Section for a librarian
  2. Section for a student
A librarian can add, search, edit and delete books. This section is password protected. That means you need administrative credentials to log in as a librarian. The credentials are created when the program is executed from the first time. A student can search for the book and check the status of the book if it is available.
Here is list of features that you can add to the project.
  1.  You can create a structure for a student that uniquely identify each student. When a student borrows a book from the library, you link his ID to Book ID so that librarian can find how burrowed particular book.
  2. You can change the program so that it looks more interactive.
  3. You can create a feature to bulk import the books from CSV file.
  4. You can add REGEX to search so that a book can be searched using ID, title, author or any of the field.
  5. You can add the student login section.
  6. and much more
Here are the lists of the Mini Projects in C/C++
The sample code is also available on GitHub.

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