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Using filters on masks using for change image templates joomla

One of the main benefits of working with layer masks is that the mask can not only be pure black or white, it can also have shades of gray that allow some--but not all--of the layer's contents show through. You can take advantage of this property by applying filters to the mask itself to achieve interesting patterns. The contents of your fill, texture, or gradient layer will show through in accordance with that pattern. The pictures on the right show how this process can work to make a logo.

Step 1: Type the text of the logo. I used a font called Kelmscott. In this case, I wanted the masked layer to stand out, so I made the text and the background white. (Choosing different colors for the text can alter the way the logo turns out, especially if you also experiment with different blend modes.) Apply a Layer Style if desired. I used Drop Shadow and Emboss (smooth).

Step 2: Add a new gradient layer. (It could be a fill layer, or you could create your own texture or pattern in a new layer, whatever suits you.) I used a rainbow gradient set to Linear at -40°.

Step 3: Design the mask for the gradient layer. First, Alt + click on the mask and use Load Selection to mask everything except the area of the logo. Once that is done, deselect and apply filters to the mask. I used the Artistic filter Colored Pencil (5, 15, 0).

Step 4: Apply the mask to the gradient layer. Now the gradient only shows through in the pattern of the pencil strokes. If you don't like the way the color spills a little past the outline of the letters in places, you can clean it up by editing the mask with Load Selection again to paint black over any areas outside the actual text. In this case, I happened to like the somewhat sloppy/scratchy look, so I kept it as-is.

This same principle can be applied to create many different effects, so use your imagination to spice up your projects. By the same token, you can also use filters on alpha channels, or even the regular color channels.