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Sometimes you take a picture or scan a picture and notice that the contents are crooked. This could be because you held the camera tilted or placed the image on the scanner slightly tilted. It could also be that the objects themselves simply look crooked from the angle that the picture was taken, such as when you are trying to capture tall buildings.

In a situation such as in this picture of Hikone Castle during cherry blossom season (left) where the objects in the image are tilted, rotating the image will solve the problem. Select the Measure tool (right). Use this tool to click and drag along a tilted line in the image. It will automatically calculate the angle for you. Then go to Image ? Rotate Canvas ? Arbitrary. The dialogue box will open with the angle already input from the Measure tool. All you have to do is press Enter or click OK and the picture will rotate to make the crooked line straight. This leaves some white space around the picture, so you will have to crop it to clean up the edges. This process is illustrated below.




Sometimes the problem isn't that the picture is crooked, it's that perspective makes the objects (especially buildings) appear slanted. If your intent is to show perspective, of course, you needn't change anything, but on occasion the picture would look better with nice, straight lines. In the example below, you can see that although the lines on the building are at a slant due to perspective, the actor is standing straight, so rotating the image won't correct the problem. In a case like this, you can use the Crop tool. Click the "Perspective" option in the menu bar and frame the image with the Crop tool. Adjust the borders of the area to be cropped so that they are parallel to the lines you want straightened. When you crop the image, the computer will automatically change the perspective to make the lines straight. This process is shown below, with pink lines indicating where to match the crop frame to the slant of the building.