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Javascript & SQL code

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<i> Italic html tag in web page 121
Absolute value of any data by ABS function in MySql 128
Accordion the JQuery UI for expanding and collapsing content 133
ACOS to get arc cos of any value using MySQL query 131
acos() math function to get arc cosine of input number in radian in Python 124
Add an anchor point to a drawn path of a selection 125
Adding current date and time records to MySQL table field 142
Ajax based dynamic keyword search on a database table 121
AJAX scripts connecting ASP server side script 121
Alert boostrap 4 118
all() to check elements of iterable for True of False in Python 115
Analog Clock showing movement of second, hour and minute on HTML Canvas demo 130
any() to check elements of any iterable for True of False in Python 123
Area tag area to create clickable hyper links on image maps 121
Aritcles for domain names, Search engine optmization, web programmers and web developers 119
Array functions in Javascript 122
array in C program 127
ASIN to get arc sin of any value of the range +1 to -1 using MySQL query 119
asin() math function to get arc sine of input number in radian in Python 122
ASP form structure and Request object 123
ASP Mail by CDOSYS with CC & BCC 117
ASP math functions INT mod 120
ASP script adding to IIS7 in Vista OS 119
ASP Session object and session ID: where to use and Load on server 117
ASP String Functions 117
ASP tutorial & sample code 123
ATAN to get arc tangent of a value using MySQL query 121
ATAN2 Mysql function to get arc tangent of the two variables using MySQL query 124
Autocomplete using different sources and passing values on select 121
Automatically storing last insert / updating time of record in MySQL field 127
Average of two integers as entered by user sample code in C program 121
Basic Loops and for condition used in codes to develop scripts in JavaScript 117
Basic of C Programming 122
Basic questions on HTML to test your knowledge by selecting options with answers 115
BeautifulSoup python library for web scraping 122
Beginners guide to HTML 118
bin() to convet integer to binary string in python 119
Black Hat SEO techniques to improve ranking 118
blockquote html tag to indent group of text in web page 119
Bold html tag to Highlight text b 122
bool() to get boolean value True or False from object in python 119
Bootstrap background colour class using JQuery 117
Bootstrap font color class using JQuery 123
Bootstrap form design and posting data to backend script using JQuery 124
Bootstrap labels & Badges with Code generator 125
Bootstrap list 126
Bootstrap style using JQuery 122
Bootstrap table design examples with different class 121
Bootstrap well with different classes 117
Breadcrumb boostrap 4 with CSS code generator for different style properties 118
Breaking number of records to display by pagination using Bootstrap 4 classes 124
button boostrap 4 119
bytes() to get immutable array of bytes in Python 132
C Program tutorial site map 129
Calculation of Division of mark form the user entered number in C program 117
Calculation of Percentage mark as entered by usere in C program 115
Calculation of two user entered numbers 118
Calendar in a layer with browse button to navigate to next or previous month and year 113
Canvas html <canvas> tag to draw lines or graphics or animation in web page 116
Cascading Style Sheets CSS 121
Case conversion, lower to upper string functions in MySQL for field data 115
ceil math function in MySQL to get lowest integer value from numeric data 126
character_length to get number of char in a table field 124
char_length query to get the number of characters present inside a string. 117
Check list for a new website for search engine rankings 136
Checkbox check or uncheck all in JavaScript by button 120
Checkbox control in JQuery to read status and set status with managing group of checkboxes 124
Checking file or folder exist by using File system object in ASP 118
Checking if record exist in MySQL table 128
Client browser HTTP header data using Request object in ASP 118
Clock in JavaScript displaying current date and time with refresh rate of 1 sec 120
Clone Stamp tool to create or replace copy of an area 122
concat to append string to the existing data of MySQL table 119
concat_WS to join string with separator : MySQL Query 120
Conditional loops and programming structure of PHP Scripts 121
Connecting Access Database & recordset object using ASP 114
conv mysql function is to convert numbers from one base to other 117
Convert point Tool 117
CONVERT() function to convert one data type to other in MYSQL 119
Converting JQuery code to be compatible to run within PHP Script by escaping double quotes 117
Converting string to date format by using str_to_date() function to store in records of mysql table 118
Copying exporting data to an existing MySql table 117
copysign to use sign of one number to other in Python 131
cos() math function to get cos of input number in radian in Python 117
COS() of any input in radian using MySQL query 117
COT of any input is the cotangent where input is in radian using MySQL query 116
Counter in Python : A dictionary subclass of elements and their counts Declaring adding searching and removing elements 131
Counting length of user entered text inside textarea with a upper limit using JQuery 118
Counting number of presence of a search sting inside a main string in MYSQL query 115
CRC32 mysql function to return 32 bit unsigned value for a sting input using MySQL query 119
Create database in PHP5 : mysql_create_db function 113
Create PDF file from PHP script tutorial 152
Create table query with if exists & delete sql in php script 114
Creating a Glassy Button in Photoshop 117
Creating category and subcategory dependent list box using database records, php, JSON and jQuery 297
Creating Image Maps in HTML 114
Creating impression effect on an image in photoshop 115
Creating search engine friendly site to get good rank 115
Creating shadow effect in photoshop 118